The Rocky portrait by El Piti

An illustration in the sign of digital fan art

Although my illustrations and portraits are digital, I remain true to my roots as an old school graffiti artist. My digital illustrations, which I create with a variety of Photoshop brushes, include the full range of Adobe’s Photoshop graphics program. The goal is and remains to give my illustrated portrait the maximum expressiveness. Thus, applying design elements of oil painting and airbrush, to digital brush tips that are naturally used in graffiti art, they all assemble in my developed portraits, illustrations and paintings on my graphic tablet.

Photoshop Portrait
Rocky artwork, Portrait painting.

Sylvester Stallone has always been one of my idols because he is not only an outstanding screenwriter, actor, producer and artist. He is also a great fighter. In his life, as well as the legendary Rocky, he fought to become a champion. I wanted to pay tribute to my idol and the special mindset of a winner as I illustrated Rocky’s digital artwork. This portrait, created with the Photoshop software, is intended to demonstrate the true determination and dedication needed to achieve a specific goal. As a fighter, as an actor or as an artist. Inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s strong acting, my digital portrait became an absolute knockout of fan art, so to speak.


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